Project Description

Free Standing Car Wash R.O. Systems: Spotless Performance

Velocity Water Works’ Free Standing Car Wash R.O. Systems, designed for dependability and performance, are built to last.
Look no further for the highest quality water coupled with advanced design.

VROF-4 | 9600 GPD

RO System Free Standing Velocity Water Works

VROF-6 | 14400 GPD

• All Stainless-Steel Membrane housings, Fittings, and Pump
• TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) Pump Standard
• Panel Mounted VROC RO Controller
• Digital TDS Alarm
• Auto Membrane Flush
• Continuous Feedback
and Status Updates
• Low Pressure Safety Shut-off
• Automatic System Re-Start
• RO Product Float Switch
• Easily Accessible
5 Micron Sediment Filter”
• Auto Backwashing Carbon Filter includes inlet/outlet valve with
By-Pass Assembly
*Carbon Filter is Mounted on 1,800 gpd – 9,600 gpd models VROF Series Only*

Dual RO System Velocity Water Works

VROF-12-3-D | 28800 GPD

48,000 GPB RO Water Purification System Velocity Water Works

VROF-4-8-3-D | 40000 GPD