Project Description

Best Car Wash R.O. Reject Recovery Systems
Made in U.S.A.

Save money: capture and re-use car wash R.O. reject water

Systems Ranging from 20GPM up to 80GPM

Constant Pressure Pump & Pressure Tank System
50 GPM @ 40 PSI
•Stainless Steel
•Sized to Prevent
“Quick Cycling”
•Standard 230V Tanks
•3-Phase & 110V Available
•Low Limit Tank Fill Assembly: Secondary Water Supply


Constant Pressure Pump and Pressure Tank Submersible System - Velocity Water Works

Constant Pressure (Submersible) Pump & Pressure Tank System
20 GPM @ 40 PSI
•1/2HP SS Submersible Pump (110V, 1-Phase)
•6ga Pressure Tank & Pressure Switch (30-50psi)
•Low Limit Fill (LLF) Assembly
•3/4″ SS Solenoid Valve and Float Switch Assembly
*1-Phase Only

Constant Pressure Pump & Pressure Tank System
20GPM @ 40PSI
•1.0HP SS, TEFC Pump
•13.9 gal Horizontal Pressure Tank & Pressure Switch
•3/4″ SS Solenoid Valve &
Float Switch Assembly

PTTB-3-80-208 Velocity Water Works

80 GPM Pump & Constant Pressure Tank System
•3.0 HP, TEFC
SS Centrifugal Pump
(208-230/460V, 3-Phase)
•82ga Pressure Tank
•Delivers 80 GPM @ 50 PSI Boost
•Control Box includes Contactor and Thermal Overload Relay
•Pump Outlet (SS) includes Union, Pressure Gauge and Pressure Switch (35-55PSI) Assembly