How Car Wash Water Quality Delivers Spotless Performance & Savings

Three Reasons Why Every Car Wash Needs an R.O. System

All car wash operations rely on water. And the quality of car wash water directly affects the quality of every car washed. Minerals, impurities and other sediment in the public water supply, over which an operator has no control, can cause water spotting and less effective cleaning.

It is why a water treatment system to control car wash water quality is vital to a car wash operation’s success. Reverse osmosis (R.O.) systems filter out impurities to save on operations expenses and to impart a consistent, high quality car wash experience every time.

Consider these three reasons why every car wash needs an R.O. system:

  1. Customer Satisfaction – a spot-free rinse and provides visual satisfaction of a car’s cleanliness, so the customer feels good about their investment and car wash experience every time.
  2. Reduced Chemical Costs – purified water increases the effectiveness of detergents and car wash chemicals, so they clean and rinse away faster and more efficiently. Using less chemicals and optimizing wash performance results in reduced costs while preserving customer satisfaction.
  3. Lower Equipment Maintenance & Down Time Costs – demineralized water moving through equipment prevents sediment and scale buildup; equipment performs more effectively, requires less maintenance and down time for repairs – and lasts longer.

An R.O. system can be part of an integrated water treatment system to fully optimize car wash water quality and operations in order to deliver spotless performance and reduce costs. Velocity Water Works can customize a system to meet your operation’s demands.